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Free Consultation by Phone or On Line

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Application for Free Pre-Evaluation

This Free Pre-Evaluation Service is ONLY for:

  • Law Offices
  • Employers
  • Individuals with 3 year degrees
  • Individuals with RFE’s and denials
  • Individuals applying for a visa
All others should apply for a $20 pre-evaluation at www.applypay2.com

  • Copies of original language documents as well as translations
  • ALL degree certificates and/or diplomas
  • All mark sheets and/or transcripts
  • A current resume
  1. Is this for the H1B Visa Process? State the JOB TITLE of the job offer and send a current resume (cv). Be certain to list it in the “other information” box below and send the resume with your education documents.
  2. Have you received an RFE, DENIAL, NOID, or other notice from USCIS? Be sure to send us a copy.
  3. Is this for the I-140 / Green Card process? Enter the educational requirement that is on the labor certificate (PERM), and enter the priority date. Send a current resume (cv). We CANNOT send a proper assessment of an I-140 filing without this. Be certain to list it in the “other information” box below.
  4. Do you have a 3 year degree? Send us all of your course lists and any documents you may have that state how many hours you attended class.

Please do not hit submit more than once. Form and file may take a minute or more to send.

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