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EvaluationCredentials.com is dedicated to help you with your education needs for your Immigration visa processing as well as further education and employment. The Executive Director, Dr Sheila Danzig has been the chief evaluator since 2002. Danzig accomplished her early training under Professor Mathew B. Michael Clark, who was the chief evaluator of AEI, the American Evaluation Institute. Over the years, Dr Sheila Danzig has thousands of people from across the globe achieve their dreams in the US by showing their education equivalent to US education. credentials. The most common uses for foreign transcript evaluations are for:

  • US Citizenship and Immigration Service (formerly the INS)
  • Employment
  • Professional licensing
  • Assessment of work completed in the home country in high schools, colleges or universities for further studies in the US.

Here at EvaluationCredentials.com, we know how important it is for you to be able to use the education you worked so hard for in your home country. We specialize in difficult cases, RFE’s Denials and the Immigration process including the H1B, I140, EB2, EB3, E3, TN and more. We are expert in university admissions and employment as well. We work as your advocate in all circumstances to help you achieve your goals.

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