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Why They Must

In July the US Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs Goli Ameri said “The United States needs more Indian students in its colleges.” This will happen until additional schools completely understand the Indian education framework.



(September 17, 2009 ) Mumbai, India – US Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs Goli Ameri tended to students at the Techno India Institute letting them know to go to the US for graduate studies. At the same time as per By Dr. R.venkatachalam, previous teacher of brain science at Bharathiar University, India, it is not the Indian students he should address it is the US inductions officers who are not completely tolerating foreign credential evaluations demonstrating that the three year degree from India is proportionate to a US four year certification


In the later past, a developing number of American colleges have begun tolerating Indian three-year degrees, in any event in standard, as equal to American four-year degrees. This was uncovered in a study by John Kersey, Ph.d., Amos Bronson Alcott Center for Educational Research at European-American University http://www.thedegree.organization/ and Sheila Danzig, Ph.d., Evaluation Credentials http://www.EvaluationCredentials .com/


This piecemeal acknowledgement is a long way from acceptable and does not adequately uproot the separation Indian three year graduates are subjected to.


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